Hi there, I am Jonas. I am a dad of the two most wonderful children in the word. I am an avid nature (macro / bird / landscape) photographer. I am a bio-engineer forest and nature management. I am a ukulele player and creator of UkuWorld in 2012.

Last but not least I am the founder of ECODER in 2019, a web development company for everyone who craves a place on the world wide web. From brainstorming together to developing, server administrating, designing and putting your ideas online.

JVDC.ME is a place I’ve created for myself several years ago in 2013. A place to put random thoughts, to put some of my “snapshots”, to put server tips and tricks… Its form has changed numerous time, over and over again. Has been offline for months on end, has been very active… for months on end… It feels quite permanent as of now, so we’ll see :-).

Want to know more? Feel free to hit me up.