Congratulations on finding the little camera icon! For each and every post, page or resource page on I use a different header background image. I personally really like this because I’m an amateur photographer myself and I love searching for the perfect photography. Most of the time they “match” the content of the article.

Here I present you with a gallery of all the beautiful photographs that I use as header background images. All of them are either found through Google image search or on free stock photography websites so no copyright issues there (if there are, contact me and I’ll fix it). When you click one of them, the gallery will open and you can scroll through them. It might take a while for some of them to load because I’ve uploaded them with full quality. At the top of each photography you can find the title and the link to the source (if available). Feel free to save them to your computer if you’d like to use them as a wallpaper.

If you happen to have a very nice photography yourself and you think it would be perfect for a header, I would love to actually use it. Use the contact form to send it to me. You will need to upload it somewhere separately (TinyPic, imgur,…).